Was Mother Teresa not so saintly after all?

When the world, which world God has judged as being thoroughly wicked, pronounces a person to be a saint or a minister or the nation’s/world’s pastor or in other ways ascribes to them saintly attributes, we Christians must be very suspicious, at the least, as the world cannot possible know how God views such people and their works. Often, in examining the lives of such people, if honestly, let us say a Martin Luther King; we are sad to discover they were at best flawed servants of God, as is every servant of the Lord. Worse, we often discover they were mostly self-promoting people that were not servants of God at all.

For many true devoted Christians, the idea of Mother Theresa being called a Christian saint is troublesome to say the least. First, because she refused to share Christ with the dying in her clinics, expressing her desire to make them better Muslims, Hindu’s or whatever faith they proclaimed, rather

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than seeing her highest calling to be sharing Christ and eternal life with them. To this we add a great deal of self-promotion, to be sure this was to raise money for her missions, but still unseemly in a humble servant of Christ.

Now we discover, if the facts hold up over time that, the great amounts of money she raised went into private, hidden bank accounts with no accountability at all and it seems little, if any, was actually spent on the patients and the clinics she established, although she was generous in the face of great catastrophes to hand out cheap Roman Catholic medals. Next, it seems her patients were mostly terminally ill and it is admirable that she would care for them in their last days, except it seems her clinics were filthy pest holes and there was little spent on medicines, like pain killers. The more we discover of Mother Theresa, the more doubts we must have as to her real motives, the quality of the care she offered, the true depth of her ministry and her use of many millions of dollars.

As I said , most, if not all people admired and elevated to high status as Christians by this world, seem to have at best clay feet and far too often, immoral character as well. It is up to God to judge their worth and salvation, for Christians only to be wary of people thus elevated by the world, as too often they can be used of the enemy of our souls for his own wicked ends.

Researchers spark controversy by claiming her care of the sick was ‘dubious’ and handling of cash ‘suspicious’
• Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity and spent much of her life caring for the sick and poor in Calcutta
• But researchers are questioning whether her image is justified

Researchers are calling into question the saintly image of Mother Teresa after carrying out research into her life.

She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and was beatified by the Vatican in 2003, six years after her death – one miracle away from sainthood.

But a number of critics have questioned how much of the image is justified.

Writing in journal Studies in Religion/Sciences, Serge Larivie and Genevieve Chenard, say her hallowed reputation does not stand up to scrutiny.

Prof Larivie said: ‘While looking for documentation on the phenomenon of altruism for a seminar on ethics, one of us stumbled upon the life and work of one of Catholic Church’s most celebrated woman and now part of our collective imagination – Mother Teresa.

‘The description was so ecstatic that it piqued our curiosity and pushed us to research further.’
After studying nearly 300 documents on her life, they concluded that a number of issues surrounded the nun were not taken into account by the Vatican.

These included ‘her rather dubious way of caring for the sick, her questionable political contacts, her suspicious management of the enormous sums of money she received, and her overly dogmatic views regarding, in particular, abortion, contraception, and divorce.’

At the time of her death, Mother Teresa had opened 517 missions welcoming the poor and sick in more than 100 countries.

But these missions have been described as ‘homes for the dying’ by doctors visiting several of these establishments in Calcutta.

Doctors observed a significant lack of hygiene, even unfit conditions, as well as a shortage of actual care, inadequate food, and no painkillers.

But the authors say the problem is not a lack of money, as the foundation created by Mother Teresa has raised hundred of millions of pounds.

They also say that following numerous natural disasters in India she offered prayers and medallions of the Virgin Mary but no direct or monetary aid.

But she accepted the Legion of Honour and a grant from the Duvalier dictatorship in Haiti, said prof Larivee, and although millions of dollars were transferred to the various bank accounts, most of the accounts were kept secret.

Dr Larivie says: ‘Given the parsimonious management of Mother Teresa’s works, one may ask where the millions of dollars for the poorest of the poor have gone?’

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