Practical Atheist Bill O’Reilly (FOX) complains the Bible is contradictory and much of it pure allegory.

The fact that Bill O’Reilly is for all practical purposes, a self-inflated, ego centric atheist, should surprise no one; and his new book coming out about killing Jesus ,will emphasize his ego and his atheism. In the interview about the upcoming television series “The Bible, “ Mr. O’Reilly used the opportunity to attack the accuracy and reliability of Scripture, that was his goal, not highlighting the television series.

When he spoke of contradictions, did he first speak to leading theologians about those seeming contradictions, to see if there were explanations to debunk the idea they are contradictory? He did not! He simply asserts that it is true and O’Reilly is not one to be opposed, he is his own greatest authority on every subject under the sun. It is the ministry of many fine Christians to harmonize the Bible and deal with any seeming inconsistencies or contradictions and not one charge of contradictions or inconsistency can hold up under such fair examination.

O’Reilly, like other practical atheists, which most professing Christians happen to be, O’Reilly attacks the literal nature of Genesis, not realizing that if it cannot be defended as a literal, factual account of all life, then the entirety of the Christian faith collapses. God never in any manner hinted that Genesis One was allegorical; it is presented as a literal description of actual events. But, because it does not agree with the nonsense of evolution and billions of years, weak people claiming a Christian faith – actually being atheists themselves, uneasy at opposing the liberal, academic/scientific community, they seem to accept that while it talks of literal days of creation, separated by the Sun and the Moon, approximating 24 hours as it is now understood; they feel more comfortable, less nutty making God the Author of Evolution (Between kinds). Yet, if they take the same Hebrew word for “day” used in Genesis One and apply that same indefinite time frame to the same word in every occasion it is used, the word day cannot make sense in other passages, it all becomes nonsensical.

The Fact is, if we cannot trust Genesis One to mean exactly what it says, making into an allegory; then we cannot trust the descriptions of Jesus and His dying for our sins and offering us Salvation as being fact either, as these things too are stated as obvious facts,; but, if it too may only be allegory, then faith in Christ does not provide anyone with Salvation or eternal life. Every word of Scripture must rest on its beginnings, if the beginning (Genesis One) is not factual and is subject to various interpretations, then nothing in the Bible can be trusted either to be exactly what it seems to be and the Christian faith is a lie, as is the existence of God. One may reject God and His Salvation in Christ, that is freewill, but when one sets themselves up to interpret what each word of the Bible means, then the entirety of Christianity comes tumbling down, it would be as most vile atheists assert, the same thing as believing in the Easter Bunny or fairies.

Bill O’Reilly: The Bible contradicts itself

Fox News anchor wrestles famous ‘angel’ over truth of Scripture

Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly, who is writing an upcoming book titled “Killing Jesus,” proclaimed on his program Wednesday night that “a lot of the Bible is allegorical,” and the New Testament Gospels contradict themselves.

O’Reilly made the remarks during an interview with “Touched by an Angel” star Roma Downey and her husband Mark Burnett, executive producers of “The Bible” TV miniseries which begins this Sunday night on the History Channel.

O’Reilly then asked Downey: “When you say you’re a believer, do you believe in the Bible literally? I mean you believe that Adam and Eve were out there, and the snake and the apple and all of that business?”

“I do indeed. I believe the truth of the Bible,” she affirmed. “That’s what I was taught, and it’s been a wonderful, wonderful faith for me my whole life. I grew up in Ireland. Earliest memories, my father reading the Bible to me sitting on his knee. And this was something that I had wanted to do and it’s wonderful to be able to work together with my husband [on the TV series]. The good news is we’re still speaking to each other.”

“Look, a lot of the Bible, Mr. Burnett, is allegorical, and we know that in creationism and things like that,” O’Reilly claimed. “So what you’re doing here, I assume, is just telling the story the way that the prophets put forth, without any commentary in it. Is that correct?”

“That’s exactly correct,” Burnett responded. “Right down the middle, telling the Bible as written. As fact. Five hours Old Testament, five hours New Testament.”

O’Reilly followed up by asking, “Are you telling people that they should believe in Adam and Eve? That they should believe in Noah’s Ark? Jonah and the whale? Are you telling people that this is the way to go?”

O’Reilly brought the questioning back to Burnett’s wife, saying: “Ms. Downey, I’m writing a book, ‘Killing Jesus,’ about why Jesus of Nazareth was executed. It’s a history book. But obviously, the Gospels that discuss this were involved with that. But there are some contradictions among Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. And then it’s my job and Martin Dugard, my co-author, to cut through the contradictions and to try to give a narrative of what actually happened to Jesus, because he was executed. When you were producing ‘The Bible,’ there are some things in the Bible that are obviously allegorical as I just mentioned. Did you take that into account?”


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