Biblical Speech that Opposes Homosexual Conduct is a Hate Crime punishable by law.

Most true Christians have long known that this and much worse is where special homosexual rights were headed – to completely silence the Christian Church and make even Christian beliefs a crime, even if only expressed in the Church and home. That is one reason why homosexuality is so dangerous; it attacks free speech and freedom of religious worship. It is Satan waging full warfare against Christ and the Church, with most liberals, Libertarians, atheists and others as his agents to silence Christ and establish secular humanism as the only acceptable global religion.

It will get worse, we are already seeing Christians in prison and murdered for their faith around the world and not just in Muslim countries, in places like the People’s Republic of China as well. Even here in America we are witnessing the Democrat Party, Libertarians, atheists and even more and more Republicans lining up behind the homosexual juggernaut, which is wholly anti-Christ, because most Americans, whether consciously or not, have become enemies of Christ.

Soon, fines, prison and even death will be common for people of faith, even here in America. These are the End Times and Satan is waging war against Christ and getting us ready, through people like Obama, to serve the anti-Christ or suffer starvation and death at the hands of the State.

Canadian Supreme Court Rules Biblical Speech Opposing Homosexual Behavior is a ‘Hate Crime’

Canada has ruled that Biblical speech opposing homosexual behavior, including in written form, is essentially a hate crime.

On Wednesday, the court upheld the conviction of activist William Whatcott, who found himself in hot water after distributing flyers regarding the Bible’s prohibitions against homosexuality throughout the Saskatoon and Regina neighborhoods in 2001 and 2002.

“The Bible is clear that homosexuality is an abomination,” one flyer stated, citing 1 Corinthians 6:9. “The behavior in Canada’s gay parades is no different than what happened thousands of years ago, whether it is ancient Rome or Sodom and Gomorrah.”

“Scripture records that Sodom and Gomorrah was given over completely to homosexual perversion and as a result destroyed by God’s wrath,” it continued. “Rome also crumbled and many scholars attribute its moral decadence and lack of discipline as playing a role in her demise.”

Another flyer was a printout the classified section of a local publication, in which Whatcott had hand written a message above, which stated, “Saskatchewan’s largest gay magazine allows ads for men seeking boys!”

He had distributed the flyers to raise awareness of concerns about both the homosexual parades in Canada, and the vulnerability of children in a culture that promotes homosexuality.
“I agree that sexual orientation and sexual behaviour can be differentiated for certain purposes,” the panel of judges wrote on Wednesday. “However, in instances where hate speech is directed toward behaviour in an effort to mask the true target, the vulnerable group, this distinction should not serve to avoid [the hate-crime clause of the Code].”

“Courts have recognized a strong connection between sexual orientation and sexual conduct and where the conduct targeted by speech is a crucial aspect of the identity of a vulnerable group, attacks on this conduct stand as proxy for attacks on the group itself,” it added.

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