3 Angels Speak to dying Senator and let him choose to come back and serve in the Senate

We often hear of people with so-called near-death experiences that encounter angels and even go to Heaven, a rare few to hell and then get to come back to this life and usually they are more spiritual in some way. But beware; II Corinthians 11: ”14 And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.”

To suggest that angels from God grant human beings His Sovereign Power to decide life and death is ludicrous. That is what Senator Kirk would seem to suggest that, these angels said he could decide on his own to continue in this life or go on to Heaven, making him his own god. It is further ludicrous to suggest that once having seen Heaven or beheld the real love of God in angelic beings a creature of earth would choose this wicked realm rather than Heaven.

If this was not pure hallucination or bovine excrement as I suspect, let me suggest a better answer in this and every other similar case is that, these are demons from hell, masquerading as angels of light, they are really of the fire of hell not divine light and are deceiving these people. What about if they become more religious, go about doing good and testify about eternal life? For the most part they do not speak of Jesus at all, and these supposed angels seem to have a more liberal ideology that does not condemn sin and call people from sinful lives to repentance, all of this suggest it is Satanic, giving people what appears to be a beautiful, highly attractive picture, but having no divine Truth, actually leading people away from Christ and salvation.

While one can never box God in and say this or that cannot be God, but we can see if the events seem to conform to Scripture, lift up Christ and bring souls to salvation, if it fails any of these tests, we can be sure it is false and reject it. In my opinion, Senator Kirk’s testimony fails these tests.

‘You want to come with us?’ Mark Kirk reveals how he was beckoned by three angels after having stroke as he returns to Capitol Hill for the first time

• The Republican junior senator for Illinois said he had ‘definitely become more religious’ since stroke

• Suffered massive trauma on right side of his brain on January 21, 2012

• Had to relearn to walk during seemingly endless and exhausting therapy sessions

• Returned to Congress today, where he climbed the 45 steps of the U.S. Capitol for the first time since his stroke

Mark Kirk says three angels came to his bedside and asked him if he wanted to go to heaven, after he suffered a massive stroke that left him unable to walk.

Speaking for the first time nearly a year after the debilitating ischemic stroke, the Republican junior senator for Illinois described how the angels stood over him and asked: ‘You want to come with us?’ to which he responded: ‘No. I’ll hold off.’

Kirk, 53, recounted his harrowing journey in an in-depth interview with the Daily Herald, just days before he returned to the Senate as Congress convened today.

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