Daughters of the American Revolution, whose motto is “God, Home and Country” delete Jesus Christ from their books, historical references and prayers

Quietly, secretly the Daughters of the American Revolution have consciously expunged the name Jesus and any/all references to their Christian heritage from their organization. Yes, they even demand no chaplains use Jesus Name in their prayers. They have made a conscious decisions to become, not a secular group, which would still offend most members and our founding fathers, but an atheist organization, openly hostile to the Christian faith and the Christian roots of this nation.

They are a private organization, they have that right, but they did not ask the members, they did not put it to a vote. The president and the head chaplain just quietly erased Jesus from their organization in the dark of night, in the silly, false idea it was meant to make them a more tolerant (most damnable term/idea), inclusive organization of all faiths and those with no faith (actually atheists have a faith). I have an aunt and her daughter that belongs to the D.A.R., as my family on both sides goes back to the American Revolution and they are openly Christian.

This is a sign of the times, even denying our Judeo-Christian history, wherein even our president is openly hostile to the Christian faith, promoting all sorts of unchristian, wicked policies. We have gotten to the place that for most Americans, Jesus Name is now almost exclusively an obscenity, both when used directly as a curse word, but also His Name when used in any public forum represents an anti-American obscenity. How far have we fallen in just 6 decades? America is now officially an enemy of Jesus Christ and His Church; and, an organization that is supposed to honor our traditions and our founding, has removed the Lord that most of our Founding Fathers and founding citizens honored in public and private.

Unacceptable changes have been made by the current NSDAR Administration to two small NSDAR books known as the Ritual and the Missal. The Ritual was authorized by the Forty-third Continental Congress in 1934 for use in conducting formal ceremonies.

The difference is that the R & M has been stripped of its Christian references and now demands that it is Christians who must make such accommodations, without the R & M providing alternate prayers for them as it has done for other faiths in the past. Why must the R & M be purged of Christian symbols to such a degree that even the words “Merry Christmas” and “cross” are deleted?

Christian prayers using the name of Jesus from former chaplains–deleted.

Prayers by Christian ministers using the name of Jesus–deleted.

Credit given to the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer–deleted.

So, any reference to a Christian source has been deleted. It is an affront to the very core of the Christian faith!

Why must it be Christians who make prayer accommodations?

Do non-Christian members, when they join NSDAR, not know the history of America and understand that our Founding Fathers were strong Christians? Surely they must recognize that America was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs; and, they should only expect a stronger leaning toward Christianity than toward other religions.

This fact in no way excludes them, and I know no Christian DAR Sister who would do so. I don’t recall our Christian founders taking out the name of Jesus from their books and prayers in order to be respectful.


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