Secular research proves that Gay Marriage/Family are not equal to Heterosexual marriage and is harmful to children/society

Considering so many western countries are moving rapidly to force Gay Marriage on their citizens, despite much opposition, it is interesting that the liberal leaders ignore the independent data and only subscribe to biased, pro-gay, liberal data and then insist it is a matter of equality. They insist gays have an equal right to marriage, even though they are not in any shape, manner or form qualified for such a role.

It is well known that gay families are in all ways deviant, their children by large percentages live a perverse lifestyle, more often than in other families, choosing homosexuality. They are living in families wherein sexual deviants are often present, besides their gay family members. The children are not growing up with two-parent, male-female role models and cannot relate to such relationships, causing them much harm.

Well, gay marriage will not be stopped, it is an institution the Devil uses to destroy marriage and family and undermine societies, especially in attacking the Christian Church, forcing them into silence that evil may reign on earth. Not one liberal will examine the scientific studies about the harm of homosexuality and gay marriage, as they are closed minded – Christ must be defeated and that war is fought in the family, destroy the family and you destroy the Church.

Equal Marriage is “fundamentally flawed” says new in-depth study

A new study of extensive world-wide research published today concludes that government plans to introduce same sex marriage (SSM) legislation in the near future are based on false premises and a deeply flawed understanding of both conventional marriage and gay relationships.

“The long-term impact of such legislation on our children’s up-bringing, on our health and welfare and on our liberties enshrined in law has not been acknowledged by SSM proponents,” says author R S Harris, “nor in its rush has the government encouraged proper debate around these vital issues.”

“Our report is unashamedly academic and educational,” said AM’s Chris Sugden, “but it is full of hard-hitting facts and evidence against gay marriage that SSM proponents dare not face and try to avoid.”

The report concludes:

* The concept of ‘equal marriage’ is fundamentally flawed as it presupposes a questionable notion of ‘equality’ and ignores the essential and defining components of conventional marriage.

* Gay marriage falsely judges parenting roles as interchangeable.

* Same-sex marriage wrongly assumes that the benefits of marriage are automatically transferable to same-sex couples who ‘enter’ the same institution.

* There is no evidence that same-sex couples will benefit from the ‘commitment device’ invoked by marriage.

* Gay marriage introduces a disturbing, unproven and socially risky new norm into society, that children do not need both a mother and father for optimal development, when all the evidence points the other way.

* Same-sex parenting studies are fundamentally flawed in their sample size and methodology when measured against commonly accepted social science standards.

* When same-sex couples create children through IVF, it is a grave injustice to the rights of children, as they are unable to know and be cared for by one or both of their natural parents.

* In jurisdictions where same-sex marriage is already legal, this holds the status of legal fiction.

* If ‘love and commitment’ are the sole criteria for marriage then alarming consequences ensue, such as the validation of incestuous relationships, as well as recognition of polygamous, polyamorous relationships, as has already begun to occur in countries with SSM.

* Fear of causing offence makes society tread silently around disturbing medical data from both the UK and the US that, like smoking, homosexual activity is intrinsically unhealthy. For instance unlike the vaginal lining, the rectal lining is unable to withstand penetrative activity without medical damage. The active promotion of a gay lifestyle in schools that SSM marriage inevitably entails is medically harmful for our children, especially boys, and costly to the health service.

* Dissent from the new government-promoted orthodoxy regarding family life, sexual ethics and marriage is now treated with the same uncompromising intolerance that the US Senate McCarthy Committee once treated those suspected of supporting communism.

The report “Is there a Case for Same-Sex Marriage?” is available in hard copy from TLB Direct, PO Box 3837, Swindon, SN6 9DS, telephone 01793 861040, As an e-book it will be available for purchase from Wednesday 12th December.

Available from Amazon download here /B00AMPHMGS

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