A “Purpose Driven Life” minister falls into sexual sin and is disgraced

Another sexual scandal by a well-known Christian Minister is rocking the Christian community. Pastor McFarland, a disciple of Warren and “The Purpose Driven Life, “is caught in a web of deceit and sexual misconduct that has brought disgrace upon himself and his family. Partly, this is Christ exposing the lies and sins of those claiming to be His servants, as He prepares the world for the End Times.

We need to know two things: (1) Christian men and ministers are particular targets of Satan, so while he cannot rob them of their salvation, he can steal their lives here in this world; and he knows that all men are weak when it comes to sexual enticements. It is his favorite tactic to trip them up in sexual sin, not that Satan causes anyone to sin, we need to accept personal responsibility for our acts; but, he knows where we are weakest and he will do his best to get our eyes off of Christ and on our sexual appetites. (2) The reason Satan can win such battles so often, is because the people involved are trying to serve Christ by their own natural strengths and talents, not knowing they need the Lord to protect them from evil. So, far too many ministers and otherwise good men, are tripped up and families destroyed by sinful sexual desires.

To make matters worse, The Purpose Driven Life and Rick Warren in this case, is not Christ centered, his ministry is focused on our doing good things by our own physical efforts, not depending upon and living in the fear (Awe and Respect) of God. Simply put, their ministry and their lives are not Christ centered, they have not been humbled by God, they do not see the depths of sin to which they are easy prey, they think they can by the power of their will, overcome sin and accomplish great things for God; and, they have not raged daily against sin in their pulpit, showing its destructive power over lives, they have become insensitive to sin itself, Warren even recently saying that unrepentant Gays may still be saved. They do not teach hell enough, they do not teach repentance enough, because they have not been truly and fully converted they do not lead their people to their knees in repentance and by God’s Power to lead holy lives. In short, Warren’s ministry is not designed to bring people to the Altar, to Repentance, Conversion and a Holy Spirit filled life, but to self glorification. Thus, Warren shares responsibility for this man ever being allowed to minister without first being Born Again and having proven His spiritual maturity.

Pastor Dale Lee McFarland was an up-and-coming star in the “Purpose Driven Church” movement, having left his position as a Microsoft executive to launch a thriving megachurch in Arizona and travel the world with evangelical superstar Rick Warren to train others in the methods of “The Purpose Driven Life.”

Earlier this year, a couple in the church filed a lawsuit, Courthouse News reports, alleging McFarland told the wife to have sex with him with “God’s approval” and divorce her husband.

Derek and Jody Gallagher claim McFarland “breached his duty as a pastor and counselor when [he] began manipulating a vulnerable Jody for his personal, perverted sexual pleasures.”

The Gallaghers’ sordid story includes charges McFarland told Jody her husband was “dangerous” and convinced her to change her home’s locks, sent her salacious and pornographic messages, exchanged nude photographs with her and manipulated her into having sex with him in the church building, even while he was offering the couple marriage counseling.

Warren, the founder and pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif., is also the author of “The Purpose Driven Life,” claimed to be the best-selling nonfiction book in world history, next to the Bible. An international activist and philanthropist, Warren has been credited by various media outlets as being one of the most influential Christians in the world.

But Warren’s critics have claimed his Purpose Driven ministry emphasizes only doing good, while dodging the kind of biblical repentance that is needed for a person – or a pastor – to have their life transformed by Christ. The Purpose Driven Church model, or PDC, discounts the fear of the Lord, Warren’s critics say, while encouraging pastors to become “masters” of their churches instead of servants.

James Sundquist, author of “Who’s Driving the Purpose Driven Church?” is one of the voices in a new video by producer Elliott Nesch called “Church of Tares,” which asserts Warren has built his organizations upon secular business management philosophies rather than the foundation of Jesus Christ, resulting in “a great compromise of the Great Commission.”

“The fear of the Lord and the wrath of God

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and the total depravity of man are either not taught at all or are watered down in Warren’s PDC programs, so that church growth formulas and seeker-sensitive people are not offended,” Sundquist continued. “Now all of the right sermons on fear of the Lord and the wrath of God could be preached and adultery could still happen, but … if these things are not preached, how can we be surprised that these things happen in a church?”

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2012/12/sex-charges-rock-purpose-driven-healthy-church/#aq0TdrDXrYplUr6d.99

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