Gallup: 47% of Americans Who Oppose Same-Sex Marriage Cite the Bible or Religion

This should surprise no one that people believing in God would reject homosexuality, because God rejects homosexuality and they oppose gay marriage because God said marriage was only between opposite the gender, one man to one woman, becoming before Him as one flesh. Yet, most liberals and atheists of course, while I see little difference between them, want gay marriage BECAUSE they want to destroy faith in God and make America over into a modern Soviet Union, with all faith in God being considered treason against the godless State.

Yes, the majority of Americans after decades of liberal/atheist indoctrination are supportive of homosexual rights and gay marriage. Yes, America is increasingly godless and secular humanist, again after decades of liberal/atheist indoctrination. Who knows what the Supreme Court will decide in the California case. I suspect after the Obamacare debacle that, there is a high chance gay marriage, will be a mushy decision and will overturn the votes of the people in 31 states to allow only heterosexual marriage.

These are all signs of the wicked times when evil will reign over the whole earth, but it was a bad bargain, homosexuality and gay marriage rather than eternal life and being blessed by God.

A new survey by Gallup shows that religion or the Bible is a major factor behind opposition to same-sex marriage.
The poll found that 47 percent of people who oppose two men or two women marrying: cited “Religion” or that the “Bible says it is wrong” as explanations for why they oppose the legalization of same-sex marriage.

Asked the question — “What are some of the reasons you oppose same-sex marriage?” –about 20 percent said that marriage should be between one man and one woman.

Another 16 percent of those who opposed legal same-sex marriage opposed it because they thought marriage should be between a man and woman—as opposed to believing in the Bible or some other factor.

Only 5 percent of those who opposed legal same-sex marriages said was “unnatural” or “against the laws of nature.” Likewise, 5 percent said that it undermines “traditional family structure.”

Six percent said that civil unions are sufficient.

All told, Gallup said, seven in 10 weekly church attenders don’t support legal same-sex marriage – and that seven and 10 people who seldom attend church support same-sex marriage.

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