Rick Warren, Joel Osteen and quite a few Christian ministers are not sure homosexuality is a sin, gay can be Christians too. He is a Prophet of Laodicea!

In this modern age, ministers of the Christian better compromise the Gospel message and downplay sin, if they want to be successful in the world’s eyes, well-spoken of celebrated. Warren has on many levels made that choice, he has against God’s Word offered a gospel that “tickles the ears” of unbelievers, telling them what they want to hear, but will take no one to Heaven. This is just another step in the direction he has taken towards a lukewarm Church that Jesus said He would spit out of His mouth, in other words condemn for their lies. Yet, make no mistake it is not just Warren, it is the End Times Church, Revelation 3:16 “So, because you are lukewarm–neither hot nor cold–I am about to spit you out of my mouth.” Jesus wants a passionate Church in love with Him hating sin and loving the lost.

Much said below is worthy of note, much that I have said over and over again, enduring attacks. (a) Homosexual acts, which includes lusting after persons of the same gender is a sin, not just being a homosexual. (b) Homosexuals can be saved, but not if they are unrepentant and deliberately, habitually engage in homosexual acts and have no guilt. (c) Jesus loves everyone, yes homosexuals too, but He does not want to leave them in that lifestyle and condemned, He wants them to come to Him for His Salvation and healing.

This trend by pastors and denominations to accept homosexuality as a gift from God, not a sin and defend their right to marriage is not upsetting or shocking at all. God said that hearts would wax cold for Him in the end, that the world would be turned upside down, most people willing to call those things He condemns to be good, like abortion and homosexuality and adultery and fornication, and those things He calls good, like defense of life, marriage and family to be bad. So, I am

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encouraged as I see the world fall deep into sin, not happy so many souls will be lost, but that it means Jesus return is close.

Rick Warren Uncertain if Homosexual Behavior is Sinful, Says ‘Gays’ Go to Heaven

Controversy is stirring over recent comments made by Rick Warren, author of the best-selling book The Purpose-Driven Life and megachurch leader of Saddleback Church in California, who stated that homosexual behavior “might be” sinful, and that he believes homosexuals go to Heaven.

During an interview this week with the Huffington Post, Warren was asked by Marc Lamont Hill if having romantic feelings for a member of the same sex is a sin. Leading up to the question, Warren was explaining that he does not hate homosexuals, and that people should disagree politely on the subject of homosexuality.

What about the love part, though? I hear about the AIDS part,” asked Hill. “It’s not illegal to love somebody,” Warren replied.
“It might be a sin to have sex with them,” he added. “It might be.”
“I think the jury is still out on that,” he said. “It wouldn’t bother me if there was a ‘gay gene’ found, because here’s what we know about life: I have all kinds of natural feelings in my life, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that I should act on every feeling. … I do not believe that attraction is a sin, but I do believe that some actions are sin.”

Warren stated during his interview with Hill that he believes sex outside of marriage is always sinful, however, and that he obtains his views from the Bible.

“I make no bones about it. I’m an evangelical pastor, so my source of authority is, what does the Bible say about it?” he said. “However, people will have other sources of authority.”

Later during the interview, when Hill asked Warren if he believes homosexuals will go to Hell, he replied that they will not.“No, not because they’re gay,” he said. “We go to Hell because we choose to reject the grace of God.

When Hill asked what happens to a homosexual that accepts Jesus, Warren responded enthusiastically.

“He’s going to Heaven!” he declared. “Without a doubt.”
Warren is not the first evangelical to make the assertion, however. Earlier this year, megachurch author and speaker Joel Osteen similarly told popular talk show host Oprah that he also believes homosexuals are saved.

“Will a gay person be accepted into heaven, as you see it?,” Oprah asked Osteen. “I believe they will,” he replied.

However, many Christians view statements such as these as compromise against the word of God.

“The concept of a ‘gay Christian’ is an oxymoron in light of numerous Scriptural instances wherein homosexual behavior is forbidden,” Alex Mason, policy analyst for the Family Policy Network, told Christian News Network. “One cannot live in a continual state of unrepentant sexual sin while calling themselves a Christian.”

“That’s not to say Christians can’t struggle with sin, including sexual sin,” he continued. “The Christian life as a constant struggle against sin, and just as some Christians struggle to defeat heterosexual lust, others may struggle to defeat homosexual lusts.”

Peter LaBarbera “You don’t want to give the impression that it’s fine and dandy to live the homosexual lifestyle and as long as I believe in Jesus, I can still go to Heaven,” he said. “It’s one thing to have attractions and [fight] that, [and another to embrace homosexual behavior].”

Mason, whose ministry operates the website HopeForHomosexuals.com, stated that Warren should have explained his beliefs further, so as not to jeopardize the eternity of valuable souls.

“Warren failed to define what it means to ‘accept Christ,’ leaving viewers with the notion that a person can simply express a ‘belief’ in Jesus’ existence without turning away from the sins He died to atone,” he lamented.

“When you accept Christ, your behavior changes,” LaBarbera said. “And the attitude is [people like Warren] don’t want to talk about changes. … We know that God changes homosexuals, so why isn’t Rick Warren saying that?”

“What part of Romans 1 doesn’t Rick Warren understand? It’s so clear,” he said. “When you make statements like these, you end up losing the Biblical sense, and the Biblical sense is that this is an abomination.”

Mason agreed, and outlined that sin needs to be taken seriously by those who wear the name of Christ.

“Christians should not, for one moment, hesitate when asked about behaviors that Scripture clearly calls sinful,” he said. “It is impossible for anyone to legitimize or make holy what God Himself has called unholy.”

“It’s also sinful to lust after another man,” LaBarbera said. “We can’t advocate sin as believers, and we have to think about how that the person that’s struggling with homosexuality is going to hear this.”

“There is no Biblical basis for his statements,” he added. “I think Rick Warren needs to retract that ['might be'] statement and clarify it. If he does not retract it, he has fallen into error.”


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