British Parliament is in open rebellion, even in his own party, against the Prime Minister and his determination to make Gay Marriage a right in that country.

A lot of this rebellion is the by-product of the usual political cowardice, an ailment infecting all politicians everywhere; the facts in this case being, (a) they have heard a lot from the Christian and I suspect Muslim constituents that are against such a drastic change on moral grounds. (b) Then there is the fact that there is no real outcry in the gay community for marriage. So, why now, why a push, just for some perceived political advantage? (c) Lastly, it is because they think civil partnerships provide all the same protections and rights for lawful gay partner commitments, without forcing the Church and people of faith to accept what they think is morally unacceptable, a change in the definition of marriage.

So, while I admit there is political cowardice involved here and some shaky motives, looking at this calmly, it appears like with Obama here at home, Cameron wants to push gay marriage for his political legacy, it is a false Civil Rights image, hearkening back to the Sixties and how then so many liberals benefited, even to this day among minorities, all because they champion a seeming, albeit false civil rights battle, which in both cases (USA/Britain) does not really exist.

Even putting aside that Gay Marriage is an oxymoron, mutually exclusive states of being; there is absolutely no reason why these gay folk have to high jack marriage, historically mostly a sacrament of the Church, because almost everywhere they have civil unions and where they do not, they can still write private contracts giving their sexual partner all legal rights during illness or after death. So, why would Cameron and Obama push that agenda? It means money, their liberal image, paying back interest groups, satisfying the base of their parties. Why do gays allow it? Because if they get marriage, they can deceive themselves into pretending their relationships are not perverse, unnatural and convince themselves they can still gain Heaven without admitting their lifestyle is an abomination.

118 MPs defy PM on gay marriage: Cameron’s plan to allow same-sex unions set to trigger biggest Tory rebellion in modern times

The full extent of the revolt among Tory MPs over plans to allow gay marriage was revealed last night. In all, 118 Conservatives out of 303 have written to constituents indicating their unease. If they all vote against, it would be the biggest Tory rebellion in modern times.

Among the 118 is gay MP Conor Burns. He said he ‘marvels’ at why David Cameron is prioritising same-sex marriage when there is no ‘clamour’ for it in the gay community.

Backbencher Douglas Carswell, another of those who will vote against, said: ‘I think you’ve got to have your head stuck in the Westminster bubble to think this is a priority.’

The vote could happen as early as January after Mr Cameron decided this week to ‘get it done and get it done quickly’.
They are an eclectic bunch – including a former breakfast TV presenter, a former top City investment manager, a Liverpool football fan and a gay friend of Margaret Thatcher.

But all have one thing in common: they are among the many Tory MPs who bitterly oppose David Cameron’s controversial policy to make gay marriage legal.

Altogether, there are at least 118 Tory MPs (out of a total of 303) who, the Mail can reveal, have condemned the proposal to redefine the centuries-old institution of marriage.

Their opposition has been expressed in letters and emails sent to constituents who have contacted them with their own concerns about the Government’s plans for gay marriage, which is set to become law within a matter of months.

The sheer scale of the opposition means Mr Cameron is facing what has become the biggest Tory rebellion in recent history.

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