TSA agent pulls down dress to expose the breasts of 17-year-old niece of Congressman during airport pat-down as he demands federal investigation

Like a lot of people I don’t like this assault on our liberty, invasive searches without warrants and pat-downs without just cause. I think we have let the terrorists win by making our airports into fortress America and making us no longer the land of the free.

This case is two years old, just came to light and if it were my daughter I would be dang angry myself, defending my child against her breasts being publicly exposed by a clod TSA agent. They could have taken her into a private viewing area and the TSA agent could have been sensitive and going out of her way not to humiliate this young passenger. So Ia m no fan of the TSA or our loss of freedoms by the Homeland Security Czar.

Now to my defense, I can easily understand how this was an accident and it appears that even though there was no wrong doing, the TSA retrained the officer and taken steps to reduce the chance of further offenses. The facts appear the TSA agent, while running her hands over the girls abdominal area slightly pulled the dress downward, causing the dress strap to fall off the shoulder and boom – exposed the girl. We all have seen women just walking or sitting down lose her shoulder strap like that and with no more force. So, I thought the TSA deserved a little defense on this one.

TSA agent pulls down dress to expose the breasts of 17-year-old niece of Congressman during airport pat-down as he demands federal investigation
• Rep Ralph Hall of Texas says TSA ‘badly mistreated’ his gran-niece and wants officer fired from at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport Georgia
• The girl was part of a group traveling to Australia from Southwest Christian school two years ago

A U.S. Congressman has instigated a federal investigation of the TSA today after his teenage niece had her breasts exposed during a security pat-down.

Representative Ralph Hall of Texas said his gran-niece, 17, was ‘badly mistreated’ when she had her dress pulled down during security screening at an airport.
The young woman was part of a group of pupils traveling from Southwest Christian School, Texas to Australia.

The Congressman wants the agent who touched his niece fired from Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta, Georgia.

In a statement to MailOnline today, the TSA said: ‘We regret that the incident of more than two years ago was one that caused embarrassment to the young lady, however, an investigation concluded that the event was accidental.’

The incident involving Mr Hall’s gran-niece happened two years ago but has just come to light under the Freedom of Information Act after it was caught on CCTV.
A Transportation Security Administration report said ‘during the pat-down of her stomach area’ the straps of the girl’s dress slipped and her breasts were exposed, according to wsbtv.

According to the TSA, there is a strict process regarding pat-downs. The close body search occurs if passengers cannot or choose not to go through imaging technology or metal detector. The rules state:
• Pat-downs must be carried out by an officer of same gender
• Travelers can ask to be screened in private and this should be offered if the search involves sensitive body areas
• At least two TSA employees must be present during private screening and the passenger can bring a companion
• A seat should be available if a passenger needs
• The passenger should let the TSA know if there are painful areas on their body and thus be treated with according sensitivity. They should not be asked to remove clothing from this area

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2236405/TSA-exposing-breasts-congressmans-17yo-niece-patdown.html#ixzz2Cu3q461z

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