Atheist Group Backs Parents Who Are Upset Because School Wants To Take Kids To See ‘Charlie Brown Christmas’ At a local Church

There were no accusations of the Church involved using this occasion to evangelize anyone, but the idea is that the movie is being shown inside a Christian Church building and because the movie will talk about Christ in a Christmas context, it is causing an uproar. Recently, in Southern California a single angry atheist caused the City Council to stop allowing a traditional Christmas Nativity scene to be on city property, even though they allow atheists to display messages that denounce Christmas. Typical atheist thuggery!

It is very upsetting that so many people on the Left love to cry “separation of church and state,” and they mean absolute separation, not the slightest breach. Yet, they cannot find those words in the Constitution anywhere, they cannot find that phrase anywhere except in a single line, in a single letter to a Baptist group by Thomas Jefferson, and his intent was to assure these people that despite rumors to the contrary, he had no intentions if elected President to name a State Church among the several Christian denominations.

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Supreme Court Justice, former KK member, co-conspirator in FDR’s court packing scheme and a rabid anti-Catholic, Hugo Black, used that single sentence to create a doctrine of separation of Church and State out of whole cloth that our Founding Fathers would not recognize or approve. Their intent in the First Amendment was solely to keep the State out of the affairs of the Church, never to keep the Church from the State, in influencing its laws and moral values.

But, in my lifetime I have noted that self-serving lies, often repeated and passionately defended mysteriously become the Truth to most people. The point being, our Founding Fathers would have never strained at the gnat of such innocent relationships between a school district and the Church or swallowed the camel sized lie of Separation of Church and State. This is how far we have fallen and increasingly the State and indeed most of the people will hold all Christians to be enemies of the state and criminals for holding to such faith. Such is the sad state of America.

Charlie Brown has been caught in the crossfire of the “war on Christmas mantra.

KARK-TV reports that some parents were upset that Terry Elementary School in Little Rock wanted to take children to go see a play of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” at a local church.

The group is a volunteer organization of secular individuals whose goals are to “promote public acceptance of nonbelievers” and “defend science education and the separation of church and state.”

“While everyone loves Charlie Brown, the religious content of the program is a problem, as is the trip to a church to see it,” she said.

“I think church and school should be kept completely separate at all times,” the parent told the station.

“A Charlie Brown Christmas,” which was first released in 1965, is the story about Charlie Brown looking past the commercialism that surrounds Christmas and finds the true meaning of the day through his friend Linus.

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