Atheists sue IRS for failure to monitor church politicking – no black churches listed, odd that.

You will notice that these atheists have not gone after any black churches, which have historically been the religion ministry of the DNC, politicking from the pulpit for DNC candidates and legislation without any pretenses to the contrary, even turning over their pulpits to Democrat Candidates like Mahdi Obama. They would not dare, not even the IRS would dare go after Muslim Temples for politicking to their people inside their religious buildings. They would not go after the few true Christian churches within the African-American community, for fear of upsetting the liberal DNC Church members in that community.

No, this is about wholly atheist Democrats hatred for WHITE EVANGELICAL churches ONLY. Is it because they blatantly endorse GOP Candidates? No, very few ever would, being law abiding citizens, but here is what all atheists and liberals fear, but I repeat myself as all liberals are atheists, what they hate, what they cannot abide is any hint of the WHITE EVANGELICAL ministers asking their parishioners to vote their Christian consciences, because what liberals know is the God’s Word testifies against them, it opposes their every belief and if a Christian dared vote their Christian conscience, they would not be able to vote for any Democrat/Liberal.

All of their bombast, all of the hate of liberals against WHITE EVANGELICAL Christians is because they know God hates abortion and He has condemned the homosexual lifestyle choice in no uncertain terms; and, those things are at the heart of Democrat beliefs, they must murder children, they must murder Judeo-Christian marriage and they must kill Christ, they must exclude Him from the public square because He testifies against them.

Boy that sure sounds like extreme partisan blather, making the GOP into the party of God and the Democrats the Party of Satan, right? No, neither political party is the party of God, not even the GOP, as we see by recent calls after the reelection of Obama for the GOP to drop those damn moral, family values issues; even the GOP is becoming antichrist in many ways. The GOP has made their own brand worse by the many members therein exposed for all sorts of criminal conduct and especially immoral conduct. No, this is about the Democrats/Liberals misusing the IRS to silence the Church and for their (Democrats) open hostility to Christ by their many policies and actions.

A First Amendment watchdog group is suing the Internal Revenue Service for failing to challenge the tax-exempt status of churches whose pastors engage in partisan politicking from the pulpit.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, which advocates total separation of church and state, filed the lawsuit Wednesday (Nov. 14) in U.S. District Court in Western Wisconsin, where the 19,000-member organization is based.

The lawsuit claims that as many as 1,500 pastors engaged in “Pulpit Freedom Sunday” on Sunday, Oct. 7, when pastors endorsed one or more candidates, which is a violation of IRS rules for non-profit organizations.

IRS rules state that organizations classified as 501 (c) (3) non-profits — a tax-exempt status most churches and other religious institutions claim — cannot participate or intervene in “any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any political candidate.”

The lawsuit also challenges the legality of several full-page newspaper advertisements paid for by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, another 501 (c) (3), that exhorted voters to vote along “biblical principles.” The ads ran after Graham met with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and promised to do “all I can” to support his campaign.

FFRF has filed 27 complaints about church electioneering with the IRS this year, including:

— Roman Catholic Bishop David Ricken of Green Bay, Wis., who wrote an appeal on diocesan letterhead inserted in parish bulletins warning voters that they could “put their own soul in jeopardy” if they voted for a party or candidate that supports same-sex marriage or abortion rights.
— Roman Catholic Bishop Daniel Jenky of Peoria, Ill., who criticized President Obama in a homily and then exhorted parishioners that “every practicing Catholic must vote, and must vote their Catholic consciences.”
— Roman Catholic Bishop Robert Morlino, who, in an article appearing in the local diocesan newspaper, wrote of “non-negotiable” political issues, and that “No Catholic may, in good conscience, vote for’pro-choice’ candidates (or) … for candidates who promote’same-sex marriage.’”

A similar complaint against the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops for the electioneering of its members was filed by the Washington-based Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

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