Homosexual Activists Are Exploiting Tragedies to Silence Religious Opponents

This is not news, liberalism and the gay activists have always been enemies of free speech and of freedom of religious beliefs and are openly hostile to all opposition. This author simply states it in clear language, while he used different words and form from mine; he is saying what I have been saying for a long time.

The recent bullying episodes and suicides in the news will be used by liberals and gay activists to silence all anti-gay speech and they will try to link it to these suicides thus making anyone opposing the homosexual agenda or the homosexual lifestyle accessories to these self-murders. The truth is, no one is driven to suicide, and these people have serious emotional problems and magnify anything negative in their lives to the point wherein death seems like the only way out. But, to the Left facts are meaningless, they will not allow this current steak of bullying and suicide go to waste, they will use it to unconstitutionally suppress free speech and freedom of religion.

In truth it is these liberals and homosexual activists that promote homosexuality for selfish reasons, to satisfy their lusts for money and power that are responsible for these deaths. Rather than call homosexuality what it is – deviant behavior and push these people into counseling to either learn to deal with opposition in a positive way or better yet to learn how to deal with their unnatural desires and escape that destructive lifestyle, they want them unhappy and enough to kill themselves so they might give themselves more power through new, unconstitutional laws.

Homosexual practice is always wrong. To advocate for this lifestyle, including homosexual relationships, is also wrong. Advocacy of a sin is itself a sin.

• Driven by their hatred of moral opponents, homosexual activists like Human Rights Campaign are shamelessly exploiting the suicides of homosexual youth and violent attacks against homosexuals to demand that religious bodies stop speaking against homosexuality. Their aim is to silence all opposition.

• Many homosexual activists are anti-religious bigots, stemming from their hatred of the Church for opposing homosexuality as a sin. Often these militants claim that religious people who oppose homosexuality are on a par with racists — a spurious and hateful analogy.

• The liberal media — which is now practically an arm of the homosexual movement — is also promoting the false linkage between speech critical of homosexuality and gay suicides and violence against homosexuals. This must stop. The media must return to its proper role of reporting both sides on homosexuality — which starts by acknowledging that there is another side to this debate.

No sincere Christian supports violence or hatred directed at homosexuals. In fact, Christians want homosexuals to accept Christ, repent of their sin and be forgiven — and change their lifestyle, as countless former “gays” have. Violence and abuse toward homosexuals is the work of people who reject Christian love and compassion.

• “Bullying” in any form is wrong and must be stopped. But it can be addressed without promoting acceptance of homosexuality. “Anti-bullying” measures must not become a Trojan Horse to advance the homosexual agenda.

• It is immoral to “mainstream” homosexuality to children in schools in the guise of teaching tolerance and diversity.

• Homosexuality has nothing to do with race. Skin color cannot be changed. In contrast, thousands of ex-lesbians and ex-gay men testify that homosexuality can be overcome.

Christians who believe that the proper response to anti-homosexual hatred in our society is to downplay biblical truth are naïve and misguided. Now more than ever, young people and all Americans need to hear the truth: that homosexuality is wrong, unnatural and often unhealthy (one in five “men who have sex with men” has HIV: CDC) — but that it can be overcome through Christ.


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