Bill Nye Science Guy: Creationism is a danger to all humankind

The debate between atheist Bill Nye, “the Science Guy” and Ken Ham, president of Answers in Genesis (AiG), debating Divine Creation versus Evolution, drew over 12 million viewers, live and recorded versions. I am not at all surprised that absent any proof, Nye claims victory and simply declares most people thought him to be the… (more)

Fmr Supreme Court Justice Stevens: No private gun ownership, no death penalty, limit campaign finance & no sovereign immunity

Stevens always was in my personal judgment,  a very, very extreme partisan, a far Left Wing Justice that had absolutely no respect for the Constitution as written and amended or the Framers thereof. Yet, he believes that all his suggested changes will pass; and what is disturbing is that he and his fellow Progressive Justices… (more)

An Easter Love Story: Couple married 70 years and stayed so much in love that they held hands every day at breakfast – die 15 hours apart

No comments by me, this is just a lovely thought for Easter;   Helen and Kenneth Felumlee wed in 1944 The pair had eight children and remained deeply devoted Kenneth died 15 hours after Helen passed away on April 12 A couple who held hands at breakfast every morning even after 70 years of marriage… (more)

Justice Scalia: ‘Foolish’ to Have the Supreme Court Decide If NSA Wiretapping Is Unconstitutional, Airport searches okay too!

The people  responding under this link are, I think, properly outraged that Scalia is for NSA Wiretapping without limits and even endorses searches at airports, none of this on Constitutional grounds, but because he thinks it is for our own good. Despite the extreme activism of our Judicial system, their becoming unconstitutionally a super-legislative branch:… (more)

Bloomberg Buys a Ticket to Heaven: ‘I’m going straight to heaven, no interview at Pearly Gates… it’s not even close’

This is typical Liberal arrogance (Conservatives have their own brand) and also typical of how most Liberals misuse the Bible, by telling God they are good enough without faith in Jesus, without repentance, to gain Heaven; but if they are charitable enough and give enough money, even if it is other peoples money, if they… (more)

Ancient Fragmant of document says Jesus was married

Not only was the a document below written several to many centuries after the Resurrection of Christ, the writer was not an eyewitness to the life of Christ; and there were many false Gospels and a host of other  false Christian documents written in early centuries that, do not stand the test of Scripture. Further,… (more)

GOP turns away from Moral/Family Values: former Senator Simpson stars in ad FOR Gay Marriage

Take this push by more and more Republicans to support Gay Marriage, Jeb Bush possible 2016 Presidential Candidate saying that illegal aliens are not criminals, but violating our national sovereignty and the law by sneaking across our borders is an act of love, another top Congressman saying the GOP should tread softly on the so-called… (more)

Nun Faces Backlash for Criticizing Homosexuality & Divorce to Catholic School Students

This is a Catholic School that should be expected by the parents to adhere to and teach without compromise those doctrines held by the Roman Catholic Church. Yet, with the help of the Gay Mafia, the Liberal Media and Liberals generally. Even though liberal parents pay for tuition and enroll their children in a Catholic… (more)

Pat Buchanan claims GOD is on Russia’s side and that Moscow is the ‘third Rome’

Most of those people attacking Pat Buchanan (link) are attacking him as a result of his rather bizarre ramblings, they are attacking the messenger and as is usual today, they are ignoring the more salient points he is making about the moral degeneration of the West and that, at least on the surface, whether or… (more)

Has the world gone stark raving mad? Are there no limits to its depravity and wickedness?

I am stunned by the daily news around the world, just a few articles chosen below, wherein every normal moral value is being turned upside down, where every act of Christian faith is being outlawed and worse, wherein most of the world either supports this gross depravity and corruption of civilization or they just shrug,… (more)

Jefferson, Madison regularly, weekly went to church services in Statuary Hall inside Capitol

As has been long argued by Christians, while the United States was never officially a Christian Nation, the false idea of Separation of Church and State. created out of whole cloth by former KKK member and Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, it was: (a) Although never a part of the Constitution, the term separation of… (more)

Graham: Some Administration Officials Are ‘Anti-Christ’ – Gays and lesbians who adopt are ‘recruiting’ into their cause

It is almost impossible for most people, even most professed Christians, to equate opposition to sin with what they perceive is the Love of God. So when homosexual conduct is strongly opposed, as is gay marriage, the hate label comes rushing out and there is absolutely no reasoning with people. To almost the entire world… (more)

Well known, highly respected, International Christian Charity approves of Gay Marriage

This is the End Times, Apostate Christian Church (Revelations Three – 14-18), this is the global Laodician Church, this is the Liberal Minded, Progressive and false Christian Church of this age having completely compromised their faith. Most Christians today are that in name only, they have much of the language of the Church, but they… (more)

Jimmy Carter complains about Pope & Christianity: ‘When They See That Pope.[who]..Says Women Can’t Serve As Priests…’ Likes islam though

It is amazing to see Liberals, especially those making a pretense of being Christian, wanting desperately to paint Almighty God as  Liberal, a socially active Progressive that would be a registered Democrat today. They cannot rely on God’s Word, so they rely on their emotions, they cry crocodile tears that God is Love and by… (more)

Bill Gates: ‘It Makes Sense to Believe in God’

This story created a lot of interesting conversations, almost totally civil  and I thought it might stir some interesting debates here, although by the time it starts I will be in the mountains again doing my weekly work on that dang trust of my late sister. Maybe when I get back, some good conversations will… (more)

Regarding “Noah:” God is a ‘psychotic mass murderer’ who ‘drowns babies,’ Maher

The Liberals will scream, ‘Hey, he is a comedian, he was just being funny,’ as they defend his attacks on the Judeo-Christian God. The truth is that while Maher is outrageous in his comments, he is, in my opinion, reflecting the real heart of Liberalism and the majority of the Democrat Party. Even here, among… (more)

Secular and Carnal Christian orthodoxy says that judging sin is intolerant and hateful and Christiansthat do must be silenced

“Regardless of the level of theological sophistication, we can always be sure the critics “know” one thing: The Bible says that we should not judge one another. Anyone [therefore] who would do so is clearly being un-Christian. Such obtuse reasoning is employed against Christians who offer any negative commentary on certain cultural trends, behaviors or… (more)

Is FOX Sports guilty of religious discrimination?

It does appear there was religious discrimination, but the question is, does FOX News have the right to discriminate based on one’s religious faith or views? If he was expressing those views on FOX News, I would say yes, they can demand he not express those views as an on-air employee and not in any… (more)

Female sorority president and her girlfriend were forced out of their Christian chapter after falling in love

For Christians to be  called hateful because they choose to stand upon God’s Word as they have the Spiritual Light to understand His word, is both grossly unfair and hurtful. However, they and all Christians need to know that having godly standards will never make most of the world happy with them, as the world… (more)

Worst Oscar Speech betrays the bizarre way Hollywood and Liberals generally view God and Heaven

McConaughey was serious, he thinks that his father is not only in Heaven (On what basis no one knows), but that Heaven includes eating Gumbo Soup, drinking beer and sitting around in our underwear. See to Liberals like McConaughey, heaven is whatever they want to pretend it is, liberals do not need any objective reasons… (more)

Planned Parenthood with your Tax money are being used to Promote Bondage and Sadomasochism to Teens

For a very long time, at least several decades, Planned Parenthood, the Operators of our National Baby Killing Gulags (abortuaries) have been using YOUR tax money to provide sex education for our schools/children. These are essentially “how-to” classes that promote every sort of sexually deviant behavior as being normal, encouraging kids to experiment in oral… (more)

South Dakota Lawmakers Reject A Bill Banning The Dismemberment of Babies

First, this is what abortion is really all about – it most often involves the deliberate dismembering of a helpless, innocent baby piece by piece, ripping its little body apart. Sometimes it involves cutting off their heads, in partial birth abortions it is shoving scissors in the back of their heads. How could this be… (more)

Leading Arab cleric: The Qu’ran says Israel belongs to the Jews and he says there is no Palestine or Palestinian people

This is exactly what many Christians and most Jews have been saying since Israel became a nation in 1948. That being, all of the land of Israel, what is commonly known as the Holy Land, belong to the Jews and only the Jews. This Muslim Imam demonstrates that even their holy book, the Qu’ran teaches… (more)

VA Catholic Bishops to God hating AG & Courts: You Have No ‘Authority to Impose a New Definition of Marriage on Society’

I expect all the liberals and atheists here to go nuts! First though, IMO the fundamental issue at stake here, is whether or not the people in individual states have a right to define marriage in their state. So, in my opinion, we are looking at a states rights issue. While I object to judges… (more)

Modern Schools are Liberal Indoctrination Centers, preaching hate for anyone or anything not Liberal

This is nothing new, liberals learned long ago to go after the children, to make them all wards of the Liberal/Socialist and decidedly anti-Christ State. Our schools have long been, increasingly, the battlefield for the hearts and minds of our children, they force their liberal hate and lies on our children – it is pure… (more)

Texas Transgender widow angry at lawyers trying to stop her receiving husband’s death benefits

The most important issue in this case is who gets the money, the dead husband’s children or his transsexual partner. When this guy posing as a woman says it is not about the money, you can bet the farm it is about the money, not just the death benefits; but it is also about a… (more)

The death of the real men – and the rise of the American metrosexual

From the beginning men were the head of the family, God even said that men were to be the spiritual leaders in the home. Men were supposed to work hard, hunt, build the home, have courage, to be heroic, to fight any foe that that threatened his family. They were the role models for their… (more)

Pope called Pius turned the confessional box into a paradise for paedophiles

I was unaware that Catholic children didn’t confess their sins to a priest until their teens, until about 100 years ago. This writer lays the blame for the subsequent child molestations by priests on Pope Pius X, the latter for changing this rule. He does not accuse Pius of doing so knowing that such abuses… (more)

Pat Robertson an Evolutionist now says, believing in a young earth makes Christians look like fools

This change of pat Robertson to a Christian-Evolutionist, should soften some of the hate against Robertson by the Left and even by most practical atheist Christians. It will be interesting to see how many of them that have branded him as crazy and an enemy, will not now turn and find some sanity in Pat… (more)

Pew Study: Christians Are The World’s Most Oppressed Religious Group

Clarity is hard to achieve in so many things in this life, because as in this case, the vast majority of people professing a Christian faith are, in matter of absolute fact, really practical atheists; that is, they sincerely think they are Christians because they were raised in Christian homes or in nations that seem… (more)

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