Black Jesus: ‘I died for your [bleeping] sins’ TV comedy features foul-mouthed, pot-smoking, pot smoking, alcoholic, stealing and degenerate Jesus.

First, I hope the embed works I have trouble inserting videos. Can you imagine anyone daring to portray Mohammad cursing, smoking pot, taking drugs and being an alcoholic? No, you cannot,  you know that there would be violence and death in the streets, there would be hell to pay and Obama, Hillary, Dirty Harry, Madam… (more)

The European Convention on Human Rights: Gay Marriage “is [not] a ‘fundamental right’ let alone ‘the civil rights issue of this generation’,

This is essentially what the people of the United States have been asserting by their amending their state constitutions to restrict marriage between two people of opposite genders. They insist that no matter what other states may say, they are not obligated to accept gay marriage, that it is NOT a fundamental right nor is… (more)

Father Beats Homosexual Man Senseless Caught Raping His 11-Year-Old Son

It is very hard to look at the image of this young man being beaten so severely and while it is easy to understand the father’s rage, one has to cringe when seeing the outcome  of his anger. The police said that considering the father caught this child molester with his son, in the act,… (more)

God Saves ‘Gays’: 29 Freed from Homosexuality by Jesus Christ Testify in New Film

First, notice these redemption’s to normal sexual desires were not the result of so-called Christian psychological counseling, a most wicked admixture of the Holy Spirit with the methods of this world, as if Jesus needed the frail, failed help of men to heal anyone. Is it any wonder that these programs, even earnestly, sincerely started… (more)

Religious Freedom Is Being ‘Traded Off’ for Sexual Liberation: Liberty has Morphed into Licentiousness

The Archbishop rightly points out that in almost every major social dispute of our times in America, our freedom to worship God as we choose, is being trumped, limited, made of less value than the sexual expression of others. It is the ultimate Liberal Trump Card, if it is about abortion or gay rights or… (more)

Religious Ratings: Jews, Catholics & Evangelicals at the top, atheists only score slightly higher than low rated Muslims

I will not pretend great wisdom in all the nuances, but it is interesting that while Muslims were on the bottom of the favorites list, atheists were almost tied with them. While among Jews, Catholics and Evangelical Christians their ratings were very, very close. Mormons scored even lower than Buddhists and Hindus, both of which… (more)

“On the whole, Jesus said little that was worthwhile,” God is “a hateful, arrogant, sexist, cruel being who can’t tolerate criticism.”

Followers of atheism are becoming more militant in recent years, it is not that they just want to promote the lie of atheism, it is not even that they want to denigrate most religions on earth – they do not; no, what they are, is involved in a very militant, hate filled, nationwide campaign to… (more)

Are there really no atheists? Are we all hard-wired to believe in God?

“Crystal Walker: “The Bible has already spoken on this. Psalm 53:1, and Romans 1 — ‘professing to be wise, they become fools.’ When you deny the existence of God, you are going against conscience and what your eyes see daily. You have to ignore a lot around you and in you — which takes some… (more)

Peaceful Islam: They murdered roughly 100 Christians In Kenya over the Week-End

Gee, I wonder if Michelle and other Liberal women will being doing “selfies” holding up signs in protest of these Christian people being killed, just for being Christians, throats slit, burned alive, you know all those nice peaceful things Muslims do to Christians when they control a country? These precious souls were sometimes given the… (more)

School District: “We’re ‘Obligated’ to Ban God.” but Courageous Christian Teen Declares Students Must Do Right & Oppose This Anti-Christian Tyranny

I cannot tell you how much I admire this student for refusing to knuckle under to stupid school authorities, standing first on God’s Word, no matter the costs and second upon the 1st Amendment despite the lies and Christian hatred of the Left. This all results from the damnable lies of Justice Hugo Black, who… (more)

The Democrat Party and its lunatic hatred of the Constutition and the Christian Faith

These are just a few of the stories in the News today that demonstrate the Lunacy of the Left: #1 – Anti-Second Amendment. Anti-Unlawful searches and seizures. #2 – Anti-First Amendment and anti-Christ. To all Christians, surrender your faith to the State or get out of business. #3 – Anti-Family and anti-Christ. This is an… (more)

McCain Rightly Damn Angry: Elected Representatives of the People of the U.S. not allowed to have cell phones or talk to staff or children in illegal immigrant detention centers

The elected representatives of the people of the United States, looking into the conditions of children and parents being held in federal detention centers are not allowed, get that, are forbidden by the State via Executive Branch regulations to have cell phones on them, take pictures of or even talk to the children and staff… (more)

Gay Thugs are using bakeries everywhere in the world to advance their sinful agenda, to attack the Christian faith and make money

It is interesting that after attacking a television evangelist years ago, a man that suggested Bert & Ernie were possibly a gay couple, homosexual activists are now using their image to promote gay marriage – they have outed Bert & Ernie as a gay couple. It is further interesting that in states or countries that… (more)

Chilling Report: Publicly Traded Chase Bank Demands Employees Support Homosexuality Or Else?

It is one thing if a closely held, private corporation can demand that employees, knowing of their religious beliefs, adhere to those beliefs in the workplace and/or deny service to certain customers that ask them to participate in lifestyle choices that cause that company to compromise their beliefs. In the former case the employee has… (more)

A ‘Gay’ Hamburger? Burger King Selling ‘The Proud Whopper’ to Celebrate Sin

Isaiah 5: “20Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! “ For now this pro-gay marketing ploy is restricted to Sodom by the Bay, San Francisco, the gay capital of the world. Yet, if there… (more)

Supreme Court made a horrific decision yesterday that is anti-freedom of religious expression

The cowardice of the Supreme Court to take up controversial cases is well known. In refusing to hear the case of the unconstitutional law in California that makes it a criminal matter for any licensed mental health counselor to help minors seeking a way out of the gay demons that are destroying their lives; the… (more)

Is the ‘Gay Gene’ a Myth? Scientists Say Homosexuality Impossible to Determine by DNA

It has been insisted by most of gay, liberal and liberal-scientific communities that homosexuality is not an emotional disorder, it is not a deviant sexual lifestyle choice, but that people “were born that way,” it is all in their genes. This has become the liberal mantra, a dogma of the politically correct Left; and, anyone… (more)

The Entire Organized Christian Church has, past tense, become Apostate: This is the Laodicean Church

When I say that the entire organized Christian Church on earth is now apostate, you would think that it would upset me to face that very sad fact of life. It does not, the true Church like in China and in many, many countries of the world today has already and will continue to go… (more)

1984 Finally Arrived, it was a little tardy getting up to speed, but; Obama/Holder To Revive Thought Crime Monitoring/Enforcement

The Leftist Government of the United States is paranoid, they simply do not trust or even like the American people IMO. Certainly they hate, by their own admission, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They do not believe the rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights are absolute, they think they are subject to… (more)

Kirsten Powers Christian? She supports the Christian Church opening up to Homosexuality and gay marriage

Kirsten, it goes without saying is quite beautiful, very articulate, intelligent and a very competent spokesperson for Liberalism, although she is IMO no rigid ideologue. A year or so ago, Kirsten, an avowed atheist reported that she had a supernatural encounter with God and with time she came to accept Jesus as Her Savior and… (more)

Civil Rights Commission: Christian Baker Must Make Cakes for ‘Gay Weddings,’ or pay fine, go to jail or close his business

This an update really on a story posted many times since the lawsuit was filed. What makes this of interest is that: (a) This gay couple were not even marrying in Colorado, it has a ban on gay marriage. So why a cake here to take to Massachusetts, couldn’t they find a baker there? (b)… (more)

‘Why did God make me like this?’: Parents share incredibly moving film about having a transgender daughter and why they decided to let her become a boy at age five

First, no one, certainly no true Christian can be pleased to witness gender assignment problems or homosexuality, as we believe that such a lifestyle choice will only cause a great deal of emotional pain for the person involved and for the family. We believe that unless dealt with properly, for the good of the child/person,… (more)

False Prophet Pope interferes in Mid East Peace talks, calls for Palestinian State and worships inside Dome of the Rock Mosque

34“Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35“For I came to SET A MAN AGAINST HIS FATHER, AND A DAUGHTER AGAINST HER MOTHER, AND A DAUGHTER-IN-LAW AGAINST HER MOTHER-IN-LAW;… Matthew 10:34-35 This falsely called Vicar of Christ apparently does not… (more)

Planned Parenthood Tells Women God Is Fine With Having An Abortion

Among more liberal minded people, many very sincere, there has always been a false idea of God’s Love, a misunderstanding of God’s compassion for His human creation. While being kind hearted and loving has always been identified with God and the Christian faith, we have mostly forgotten that God is also a God of Justice,… (more)

Obama hates Founding Fathers, the structure of our government and believes He is both Chief Executive & a 1-Man Congress: Democrat Tyranny on the rise.

First, we have not had much legislation passed through the Senate since Comrade-Chairman Obama took office; because Sen. Reid has shut it down, it is either do exactly what he wants Republicans or he will not allow any legislation to pass. He is one of the most dangerous men in America, he is an enemy… (more)

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson falsely accused of ANOTHER homophobic rant – Everything he said was right

I get so sick and tired, even angry when people like the writer of this story, obviously a card-carrying Christ hating liberal, charges homophobia against any Christians that to dares oppose homosexuality as being a sin; and as Roberston did, oppose other sins as well. A phobia is an irrational fear of something, yet when… (more)

The Silence of Kerry, Obama & Liberals on the plight of a pregnant Christian Woman/doctor sentenced to death and 100 lashes is deafening and quite telling. Thank God some GOP are speaking up

Doctor Meriam Ibrahim has always been a Christian, she is pregnant, she is on death row in a pigsty prison, she is in shackles and bleeding, she is ill fed, yet she refuses to deny Christ; and her son, the child of a Naturalized American citizen, will not be Scent and the nothing to… (more)

Jim Caviezel Displayed His Pro-Life Convictions by Adopting Two Disabled Children

There is not much to add to this story. In my opinion, I must say it does make a big difference that this actor has the financial resources to handle the many demands for medical and other care for these special children for their lifetime, while that ability does not lessen one iota the sincere… (more)

Popes Christimas Message

For the Roman Catholics Among ‘The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light’ (Isaiah 9:1) ‘This prophecy of Isaiah never ceases to touch us, especially when we hear it proclaimed in the liturgy of Christmas Night. ‘This is not simply an emotional or sentimental matter. It moves us because it states the… (more)

Dirty Harry Reid and the Democrats to try and Amend the 1st Amendment, allowing Congress to regulate money contributed for or against Federal candidates

Those of us on the Right have been proven correct that the Democrats hate The Bill of Rights and in particular free speech, if it in any way opposes them Silky the for wrinkles doxycycline 100mg tablet am bottles time m canadian pharmacy no prescription who primer to just beneficial, compare prices cialis coming… (more)

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